Gear shaping tool

Ronson Gears has purchased a Fellows FS630-200 CNC Hydrostroke Internal Gear Shaper, said to bring a new level of internal gear cutting to Australia.

The internal gear shaper can cut internal and external gears up to 650mm in diameter and 635mm respectively while its hydro stroke system provides rapid stroking return ratios up to 4:1.

The rigid construction and hydro-mechanical stroking enables cutting forces concentric to the cutter spindle which Ronson Gears says provides optimum cutting stoke accuracy.

Gordon New, the MD at Ronson Gears, says the machine offers shorter lead times which in turn, benefits customers.

“By utilising accurately ground shaper cutters, sharpened on our new CNC gear tool sharpening machine, productivity on one customer’s job improved 100%,” he said.

“This new technology is capable of producing gears with far superior tooth profile accuracy and surface finishes compared to older shaping machines, leading to longer gear life.”

The machine combines a Siemens 840D CNC system which has the option of auto load capabilities.

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