World first Galaxie gearbox enables extremely high-power density and torsional rigidity

World first Galaxie gearbox

When Wittenstein developed the Galaxie, they subjected drive concepts to a fundamental reassessment. The result: a brand new type of backlash-free gear unit.

The innovative drive system has not only proved itself to be “superior on principle” in numerous industrial applications, frequently making the impossible possible – it has also received scientific acclaim as an independent gearbox generation.

The maintenance-free, unique kinematics enable virtually full surface contact during power transmission, meaning that the compact Galaxie drive systems and gearboxes achieve previously inconceivable performance data. These include extremely high torque density, torsional rigidity, smooth running, positioning accuracy and completely backlash-free operation, making it ideal for industries such as machine tool, packaging and food and beverage machines.

The innovative core of the new Galaxie drive system is the almost full surface contact during power transmission. This gives a tooth contact surface which is 6.5 times larger compared to conventional involute teeth with typical linear contact. The gearbox is the only one of its kind in the world to guide a large number of individual teeth along an internal ring gear.


  • Maintenance-free use and maximum precision;
  • Lifelong zero backlash;
  • Torsional stiffness and torque density; and
  • Smooth running.

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