Flow meters and controllers with CANopen fieldbus interface


Bronkhorst High-Tech announces the availability of a CANopen fieldbus interface on their flow meters and controllers for gases and liquids, as well as their digital pressure controllers.

The CANopen interface enables system integrators to work with a high level of customisation and optimisation in any given application to achieve best possible communication performance. The fieldbus allows for cyclic communication at 1 Mbit/s with up to 127 nodes in a network segment. Like DeviceNet, the CANopen protocol is based on CAN. For the user, this means that the basic communication features and bus connections are very similar.

Bronkhorst has many years of experience with fieldbus communication. With their ‘multi-bus’ concept, the company offers their customers an extensive choice of seven fieldbus interface options. The wide range of digital metering and control devices is applied in many different markets, such as the food and beverage, and chemical industries, gas and fluid analysis equipment, glass and tool coating processes, testing fuel cells for the automotive industry and in machinery used to produce electronic chips, LED lights and solar cells.

Company: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration
Phone: (03) 9017 8225

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