Flexible EMC/VSD cables and accessories


Treotham Automation have a complete range of EMC/VSD cables and cable glands to meet all your requirements. All of the EMC/VSD products are produced in Europe to the highest standards.

The Treoflex TA6 range is a VSD cable with UV stabilised special transparent orange outer sheath and cross-linked XLPE core insulation to guarantee the maximum carrying capacity is achieved, while at the same time maintaining a low cable capacitance in comparison with cables with a PVC insulation.  

The specially constructed Treoflex TA6 cables have a double screen made up of tinned copper braid and 100 per cent aluminium tape and are used to supply power to motors from frequency converters while maintaining full Electromagnetic Compatibility. They are suitable for both fixed installations and moveable connections in industrial equipment, process lines and machines operating in dry and damp rooms.  

The standard cable stock ranges from 1.5mm² up to 240mm². From 6mm² to 240mm² the cables utilise the three split earth design which features a symmetrical 3 core design improving EMC compliance compared to the 4 core version. The three split earth design also reduces the outer diameter of the cable allowing for easier termination into cable glands. 

The range of Ultra VSD cables from LAPP has a black outer sheath with a double screen made up of tinned copper braid and 100 per cent copper tape wrap. Our standard stock ranges from 1.5mm² to 120mm². 


Treotham also has a full range of EMC control cables with number coded cores and a clear outer sheath starting at 2×0.5mm² and going up to 25G2.5mm². 

Treotham offers a full range of Lapp EMC cable glands that perfectly compliment the EMC cables. The SKINTOP MS-M BRUSH brass cable gland with double lamella gasket is faster, has a low resistance 360° screen contact, and is simple to assemble. The SKINTOP MS-SC-M brass cable gland with low-resistance screen contact is a highly conductive, flexible EMC contact that is also easy to assemble. 

Treotham also supplies an extensive range of other cables including control cables, power cables, data cables, crane cables, single cores, high temperature cables, bus/Devicenet cables, solar cables, instrumentation cables and chainflex cables for moving applications. With a full range of Lapp cables and accessories, Treotham offers a total solution for any application. 


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