FieldTech Solutions 250mm Standpipe Cover made with recycled plastic

FieldTech Solutions

Used when installing groundwater wells, standpipe covers provide a secure cover over a groundwater bore.  The flip top allows easy access during bore sampling.

These covers can be manufactured using a variety of different materials. One particularly common material used is plastic, meaning that the increased use of plastics becomes a particular issue for the environmental groundwater monitoring industry.

For an industry expected to be known to be environmentally conscious, using more sustainable plastics products should become standard practice.  

Novel alternatives have been developed by Melbourne supplier of sustainable environmental monitoring products, FieldTech Solutions. The reuse of current resources and conservation of our future resources are fundamental to their design concepts.

The most recent addition to the range is a large standpipe (250mm internal diameter). The cover has a mottled, multi-coloured look which is a result of the post-consumer plastic items being melted together to make a unique and great looking cover. 

Manufactured in Australia, these standpipes are made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This includes bottles, chip packets and other plastic waste sent for recycling that would otherwise end up in landfill. The result is a secure and sustainable cover for monitoring wells. These covers are durable and will not rust meaning that maintenance and repair to these will not need to occur as frequently if other materials were used.  

Through purchasing products made from recycled plastic, the plastic recycling industry continues to be supported.

For more information on FieldTech Solutions’ new standpipe cover, including ordering information, click here.

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