Fast, efficient drilling centre offers 0.1mm accuracy

PROFILE Cutting Systems (PCS) is now offering a unique drilling solution called the PCS Drilling Centre designed for fast and efficient drilling of up to 100mm diameter with an accuracy of 0.1mm.

The system, which utilises a 60HP Bosch Rexroth servo motor coupled to a high-speed spindle with the option of up to a 24 station tool changer, reportedly combines top quality parts, quality workmanship and PCS’s own easy-to-use drilling interface, allowing any operator to drill large diameter holes in literally seconds.

The Bosch Rexroth motor is predestined for main spindle applications. Rated at 60HP, this motor and cooling fan is enclosed in an IP65 enclosure, making it suitable for even the harshest of environments.

When the system is being used for six or less tools, a carousel is fixed to one side of the machine. Upon tool change, the main spindle will position itself on top of the carousel and perform a quick and easy tool change. This can be done manually as well as automatically, according to the part program. 

For more than six tools, the system uses a 24-tool carousel that is mounted next to the main spindle. This method facilitates quick and easy tool changes without the spindle travelling to one end of the machine to perform a tool change. This method is primarily designed for jobs that regularly require a large number of different tools.