Ezi-Duct’s ordering system is easier than ever

Ordering a ducting and dust extraction systems has been made an absolute breeze with Ezi-Duct-Quote.

For those who have experienced the headache of dealing with sketches or 2D drawings, this issue can now be solved. People can completely avoid the confusion and time consuming process of to-and-froing, and making changes that can be time consuming.

Ezi-Duct has introduced Ezi-Duct-Quote – a revolutionary new service that makes the whole process so much quicker and easier, with 100 per cent clarity of the final job.

Ezi-Duct-Quote enables people to see completed designs in 3D rotational view. It not only accurately models the whole system in interactive 3D, it also quickly calculates flow rates, sizing and types of ducting needed and a full bill of materials.

Modifications are quick and easy using Ezi-Duct-Quote, so changes are made, and a revised design provided with the click of a button.

For more information on Ezi-Duct-Quote or the extensive range of ducting, dust and fume management solutions, contact Ezi-Duct.