Extraction and verification technology for the logistics sector

Hardware and software solutions provider, Intermec Technologies has announced the regional availability of VERDEX; the first mobile address extraction and verification technology for the Australian and New Zealand supply chain sector.

VERDEX works by capturing an image of text-based information such as an address or forms data, using a handheld scanner and performs a SmartMatch verification against a custom database of information. After verification, the image goes through a cleansing process to provide instant address verification from the point of collection.

Reportedly easy to adapt into existing transport and delivery processes with minimal user intervention, VERDEX increases productivity whilst virtually eliminating all address-related errors.

VERDEX is used at the point of collection to help eliminate UAA parcels and provide planners with early visibility to previously unannounced and unverified items.

When combined with mobile computers and mobile label printers, VERDEX enables Australian and New Zealand logistics workers to quickly and accurately introduce parcels into the track-and-trace system and re-label them at the time of collection.