Expanded solid-state relay range

ROCKWELL Automation has expanded its range of Allen-Bradley 700SH solid-state relays with the addition of increased load capacities up to 100A and 660V.

This extends the applicability of the 700SH series to a wider range of precision-controlled, high switching frequency applications, such as temperature control in packaging, food processing, plastics and HVAC industries.

The Allen-Bradley 700SH range features a 100A maximum continuous output load current, and is available in 60V dc, or 265V, 530V and 660V ac maximum load voltage options–including five different control voltage input options.

The range expansion also encompasses phase-angle control, and active heat sink options. The protective safety cover features mounted LEDs for status monitoring.

Solid-state relay technology offers multiple advantages over electro-mechanical technology.

The absence of moving parts allows solid-state relays to provide thousands of switching operations per hour, with no mechanical wear, delivering long, reliable operation in environments with high levels of shock and vibration.

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