Ergonomic lifting equipment

AN extensive range of ergonomic lift tables is available from Actisafe. The range of equipment provides ergonomic lifting solutions across many industry sectors.

Single scissor lift tables are the most commonly used industrial platform.

Actisafe’s range includes loading dock tables; single scissor lift tables; high-lift scissor tables; twin scissor tables; low profile lift tables; stainless steel lifting tables; and mobile scissor lifts.

Loading dock tables

Designed for outdoor use, this product can withstand the ravages of hot and cold, rain and wind, dirt and intense use. In extreme wet or dusty conditions, the table can be equipped with all-round PVC bellows for additional protection.

Standard features include: a table top in tearplate for antislip protection; adjustable bottom stops at all four corners for greater stability when low; an emergency value for manual lowering in case of power failure; a service access hatch in platform; and lifting eye bolts for easy installation.

Optional items available include: platform reinforcement; remote power pack; roll- off guard; loading flaps; self supporting base frame; and winter-grade hydraulic oil.

Single scissor lift tables

Single scissor lift tables are the most commonly used industrial platform in Actisafe product range. This product is particularly versatile as it can be used either indoors or outdoors and can either be installed in a pit or operated on the factory floor.

Models range in terms of stroke (0.8m to 1.8m) and platform length (950mm to 3000mm) which means it can perform most lifting duties. Although there are many different models, the product can be customised to suit user’s exact requirements.

The table is ideal when seeking to maintain the load at an optimum working height as well as lifting heavy material to a required level. This table can also be used as a work bench, to handle fragile goods, for unpacking and unpacking of goods and to stack pallets automatically or manually.

Twenty-three models provide the following range in features: capacity (4000kg to 10,000kg), platform (1350mm x 800 mm to 3000mm x 2000mm), stroke (0.8m to 1.8m), height min of 300mm to 600 mm) and rise time of 16 to 60 seconds.

High lift scissor tables

Vertical double and triple scissor lifts make it possible to reach greater lift heights without increasing the platform size. These lifts can be used as an elevator, pallet loader, work platform or pallet stacker.

These lifts are suitable for factories and shops that need a handy goods elevator to service two or three floors when compared to conventional elevators.

These versatile lifts can be adapted for any lift duty and can be equipped with gates, doors, bellows and other safety device where required by regulations. The size of the platform, speed of travel and lifting force can be further customised to meet specific customer requirements.

Twenty-three models provide the following range in features: capacity (200kg to 3,000kg), platform (900mm x 600mm to 2500mm x 1300mm), stroke (1.1m to 4.3m) height minimum 300mm to 750mm), rise time (33 to 92 seconds).

Twin scissor lift tables

Where a large platform is required, twin scissor tables with two mechanical synchronised scissors provide increased stability and smoothness. As with all lift tables, this table is constructed of box beam elements which are stronger and more stable than solid members.

Standard features include enhancements such as a limit switch for ease of maximum lift setting, hose burst valves, safety trip bars, emergency lowering valves, grease nipples and a flow control valve for easy adjustment of lowering speed.

Twin scissor tables are normally customised to suit specific customer needs, however, a range of standard models is also available.

Twenty-two models provide the following range in features: capacity (1000kg to 8000kg), platform (2700mm x 800mm to 6000mm x 2000mm), stroke (0.8m to 1.6m), height minimum (230mm to 350mm), rise time 33 to 76 seconds.

Low profile lift tables

This table provides an alternative ergonomic solution to repetitive manual tasks likely to cause injury.

Built with a very low closed height, this table eliminates the need for a pit installation, as a pallet or stillage can be loaded directly onto the table with a hand pallet truck using the ramp forming part of the table. The U type model is specially designed to handle standard pallets.

Twenty-six models provide the following feature ranges: capacity (500kg to 2000kg), platform (950mm x 600mm to 1610mm x 1300mm), stroke (0.6m to 1m), height minimum (80mm to 100mm) and rise time of 20 to 60 seconds.

Stainless steel lifting tables

The range of stainless steel lifting models should be considered when hygiene standards are very important, such as in food, pharmaceutical and slaughterhouses.

Stainless steel tables are made with high quality materials that are corrosion resistant and are produced as single scissors, highlift scissors or low profile scissors.

Mobile scissor lifts

The range of mobile scissor lift tables makes light work of the heaviest duty applications and are available as manual hydraulic or battery electric powered.

The tables are designed to last even in the most demanding working environments and include the use of nylon bushes to all pivot points and easy access for simple maintenance checks.

Twenty-two models provide the following ranges in features: capacity (150kg to 1250kg), platform (760mm x 450mm to 2000mm x 1000mm), height minimum of 295mm to 650mm) and weight of 40kg to 420kg.

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