Ergonomic chairs and stools

VIRTUALLY every industrial business in Australia has a sizeable administration component, so personnel readily end up spending at least eight hours a day working in front of an office terminal or at a desk.

To counteract this potential occupational health and safety problem, workplace ergonomics specialist Actisafe has released the Actiwork range of chairs and stools.

This range provides various solutions to ensure workers experience the comfort levels and safety expected by workplace authorities.

According to the company, it provides chairs in many different combinations including castors or glides, and various heights of stools and chairs.

For long-lasting life and ongoing reliability, each piece of equipment is made with metal frames, gas strut systems and polyurethane seats.

The chairs and stools have been designed to add significant surface area to reduce the amount of seated pressure for all office personnel in the Australian workplace.

For more information, please contact Actisafe on 1300 852 397.

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