Enerpac’s new long-life DuroTech air-driven power unit enhances durability for high-use applications

Enerpac is introducing to Australasia its new DuroTech™-Series air-driven power unit for enhanced durability and flexibility in high-cycle industrial applications and workholding tasks.

The DuroTech™ low pressure power units, which utilise air pressure between 90 and 110 psi (6.2 – 7.6 Bar), incorporate a number of features designed to extend product life and ease of maintenance.

“One key feature of this product is the reciprocating, dual ram piston pump. Every time the piston moves it creates flow, meaning less reciprocating motion compared with single ram systems, which leads to more flow and a longer life,” says Mr Darryl Lange, National Sales Manager, Enerpac Australia and New Zealand.

“Additionally, DuroTech pumps are fully serviceable, require no air lubrication, run cool and produce reduced noise levels, making them ideal pumps for workholding tasks,” says Mr Lange.

“Shop air is connected to the built-in pressure regulator where the operator can adjust the air pressure, in turn setting the maximum hydraulic oil pressure. The air is ported through a built-in air shut-off valve to the air pump. With the air shut-off valve open, the pump automatically turns on and off to obtain and then maintain the customer selected hydraulic pressure,” he said.

Key features of DuroTech™ pumps include:

  • Extremely durable pump element
  • Four-station DO3 manifold with cover plates for unused stations
  • Air filter/regulator with built-in air pressure gauge and adjustable hydraulic pressure
  • 6.8 litre all metal reservoir with easy-access drain plug
  • Easy-to-read oil level sight glass
  • Heavy-duty construction, including steel reservoir and protective steel shroud
  • Long-life, fully serviceable air motor
  • Dual pump action offers high oil capacity and smooth flow
  • On-demand stall / restart operation automatically maintains system pressure
  • Requires no air lubrication
  • Reduced noise level (75dBA)