Device and mirror columns

GREATER sturdiness, maximum availability, simple and economical handling and installation, and suitable accessories are said to characterise the new series of device and mirror columns from SICK.

Versions for single mirrors, a continuous mirror up to 2200mm long, and device pillars with two external slots are available.

Universal brackets and pre-assembled sensor kits for muting applications simplify installation and alignment.

This intelligent mounting and adjustment solution, with universal brackets and sliding nuts as well as device protection against external damage, ensures high availability even under harsh operating conditions.

Pre-assembled kits with universal brackets, as well as muting sensors or reflectors, permit the simple alignment of muting stations wherever differentiation between persons and material is required during automated material transport.

The special hollow chamber profile allows the creation of stable structures with heights of up to 2400mm.

Mirror columns permit deflection of the light beams of safety light curtains or multiple light beam safety devices so that a single device can monitor several sides of an access or hazardous point-of-operation simultaneously.

Typical areas of use include the protection of processing stations and machine tools, robots or palletisers, and other plant modules in handling and warehousing systems.

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