Desktop 3D printer

HE Alaris 30 desktop 3D printer has been designed to offer high quality and high speed in an office-friendly system.

According to the company, the printer’s PolyJet-driven Alaris 30 jets VeroWhite deftly models material and gel-like FullCure provides material support.

The print heads synchronously jet identical amounts of materials onto the tray, resulting in accurate models with smooth surfaces.

Models are smoothly surfaced and finely detailed; the strong material and highly accurate printing enable thin walls and small moving parts.

The models are ideal for ideal for painting, functional, fit and form testing, and vacuum forming.

The 300 x 200 x 150mm build tray enables large models or many small parts to be built simultaneously, saving time and cost.

It can also operate as a network printer, so multiple designers in an office can send their files to be printed.

The desktop printer uses sealed 1kg bottles of resins and the printed models are fully cured on the build tray, so there is no need for special plumbing or ventilation.

Arrk Australia 03 9815 6010, www.xyzinnovation.com.au.

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