Dc motor planetary gearboxes

THE planetary gears in the Dunkermotoren PLG75 range are suited to the recently introduced BG75 brushless dc motor.

The PLG75 range is available in one, two or three-stage versions.

These gearboxes, with the ability to continuously transmit torques up to 160Nm, can be combined with the well proven GR63, GR80 and BG65 dc motors.

They fit into the Dunkermotoren modular concept, using relatively few standardised components, with a multitude of drive solutions. The fine grading of reduction ratios contributes to this.

Available in one, two or three-stage versions, there is a total of 28 different reduction ratios between 1:4 and 1:710.5. The whole-number reduction ratios and the precision of these gearboxes offer advantages when constructing positioning drives.

High efficiency contributes to low energy consumption. A further advantage in automation systems using numerous decentralised drives is the compact size of the PLG75 planetary gear.

For example, with a two-stage gearbox, reduction ratios down to 1:101.5 are possible, where other gearboxes would need three stages.

For automation systems such as complex assembly or packing installations, the quiet running of these gearboxes, due to the use of helical plastic gears in the first stage, is an additional point in their favour.

Hardened internal gears in the second and third stages, and ball bearings with shields on both sides and lubricated for life ensure a long working life and maintenance-free operation.

The bearings are generously dimensioned, so that the output shaft can cope with radial and axial applied forces of up to 1000N. For use under severe conditions, these gearboxes are protected against dust, dirt and liquids to class IP52.

Between the motor and gearbox housings, an O-ring largely protects against the penetration of dust or liquids. Where the mechanical connection to the customer’s application is suitable, a degree of protection of up to IP65 can be achieved.

With its new PLG75 range of gearboxes, Dunkermotoren demonstrates its overall competence for high-quality, well-thought-out drive systems.

For users, its significance lies in short delivery times and low costs, when constructing specific drives, achieved by carefully selecting combinations of standardised components from this comprehensive modular system.

This contains, besides a wide spectrum of motors, and planetary and worm gears, also internal or external control and regulation electronics, analogue and digital encoders, and brakes in several different versions.

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