Cost-effective I/O expansion

According to the company, the economy gateways provide a cost-effective solution for expanding fieldbus I/O.

Up to 32 I/O modules-including digital and analogue-can be connected to each gateway, resulting in a system that can handle up to 512 digital I/O points or 128 analogue I/O points on a single gateway.

Motor starters range in size from .08 to 20 horsepower and users can optionally select digital and analogue I/O combined on a single node.

BL20 gateways utilise the company’s I/O assistant software package for configuration, parameter setup, documentation, commissioning and diagnostic functions.

The I/O assistant package may be downloaded free at www.turck.us/.

The BL20 economy gateways are compatible with the company’s standard BL20 slices, including new motor starter modules with the SWIRE communication technology.

A SWIRE connection consists of a single I/O slice within the BL20 node and uses ribbon cable media to daisy-chain to the motor starters and the device can accommodate up to three SWIRE slices for a total of 48 non-reversing motor starters (16 per slice) or 24 reversing motor starters (8 per slice).

Turck Australia 1300 132 566. www.turck.com.au

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