Cost-effective heat exchanger

TERALBA Industries has provided heat transfer solutions for more than 30 years and with the new 12m Dimpleflo, Teralba has innovatively provided the solution for a mass production winery at Griffith.

Dimple Profile technology — ideal for energy recovery.

To provide the most cost-effective solution with restriction to limited space requirements these units were built with 12m long tubing.

This meant less bends were needed, which are costly, and therefore a 30% beneficial saving to the client. Increased performance due to its length and configuration also proved to be an overall benefit for the client.

With the Dimple Profile technology providing highly induced heat transfer co-efficiencies, these heat exchangers are ideal for energy recovery in which the costs are recovered in 12 – 18 months through energy saved in preheating your product or boiler feed water.

A further benefit is that the temperature of wastewater discharged from the Dimpleflo to the sewer is below the EPA waste water temperature requirements.

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