Coating thickness measurement

SI Instruments has released the MiniTest 700 range of Digital Coating Thickness Gauges featuring SIDSP (Sensor-Integrated-Digital-Signal Processing) technology.

Digital sensors for coating thickness measurement based on the magnetic-induction or eddy currents principle combine the complete signal creation, measuring and processing unit inside the sensor.

The sensor is able to create all necessary control signals and to edit and process the return measuring signals digitally inside the sensor.

Only the completely processed, digital coating thickness values are transferred to the coating thickness gauge for display, statistical evaluation and storage.

The gauge no longer is used for processing the individual coating thickness values; it merely hosts and manages data, displays the data and exports it.

This technology only requires two simple analog modules that can be implemented compactly: a driver amplifier for controlling the sensor head and a measuring amplifier to amplify the measuring signal delivered by the measuring head. One single operating voltage is sufficient.

Embedded in an advanced microcomputer, the analog-to digital converters immediately create and process the alternating voltage signals required for measurement. The entire measurement is processed at the point of measurement, not in the host gauge.

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