Chain hoist testing kit

WITH the new CHTK tester for overload cutoff, NOSHOK and tecsis offer a precise, dependable tester for slip couplings on chain hoists.

The CHTK has a large measurement range, with high accuracy, low weight and ease of use.

To perform the test, the force transducer is inserted into the chain, travels upwards with it against the base of the chain hoist and thereby blocks the chain.

The magnitude of the force at which the friction clutch operates can then be read on the display unit.

The CHTK consists of a force transducer with integrated handle and a display unit. Included are two chain adapters and three centering sleeves to ensure it can be used for any type of chain hoist in the specified load range.

The battery-driven indicating device evaluates the signals returned by the force transducer via a cable. The large illuminated graphical display makes it very easy for the user to read off the measured values.

Optionally, 99 different data sets can be stored and transferred via an infrared interface to the PC.

AMS Instrumentation 03 9017 8225.


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