Caps Australia introduces Drain-All 1700 auto drain system

Leading compressed air and power solutions company, Caps Australia introduces the Drain-All 1700 to its large range of air treatment products.

Drain-All 1700 is a range of auto drain products specially designed to remove condensate from compressed air systems. Featuring a robust and reliable construction, Drain-All 1700 can handle pressures up to 11.72 barg and liquid temperatures up to 76°C.

The Drain-All 1700 auto drain system is built to withstand highly demanding applications, weighing approximately 10kg and incorporating very few moving parts to ensure minimal maintenance requirements.

William Chan, Gas and Special Projects Manager for Caps Australia explains that the goal of condensate drains is to remove condensate from pressurised air systems safely and in an environmentally responsible manner, which is efficiently met by the 1700.

The green credentials of the Drain-All 1700 auto drain system come from its completely pneumatic design that eliminates the need for electricity and can be easily installed using simple piping connections at any point in a system including remote locations, hard to reach points where energy isn’t available, or areas at risk of explosion.

Chan adds that the 1700’s automatic air operation works to minimise blow down and reduce wasted expensive system pressure. Additionally, each individual trap is activated only when required according to the needs of the air compressor system, which means that users will not have to adjust any timers after installation.

Caps Australia offers a full range of Drain-All auto drain products suitable for corrosion condensate, high pressure (up to 82barg), high temperature (up to 175°C) and vacuum applications.

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