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SYBASE has announced the new Sybase Analytic Appliance, configured and tuned to provide extreme analytics and alleviate overburdened enterprise data warehouses, data marts and reporting systems.

Combining Sybase IQ, Sybase PowerDesigner, IBM POWER Systems and MicroStrategy 8, Sybase Analytic Appliance has all the benefits of a custom-built enterprise data warehouse (EDW), but is easy, fast and affordable — up to one third of the price of other leading solutions.

Sybase Analytic Appliance on IBM POWER Systems provides fast time-to-value by providing a unified appliance console, pre-configured hardware, software and storage in one compact and power-efficient unit, with single vendor support.

The appliance requires lower initial and ongoing investment because stored data in column-oriented Sybase IQ is compressed by up to 70 per cent of its input size, creating the most optimal and elegant appliance solution.

In addition, Sybase Analytic Appliance does not require index tuning, reducing overall maintenance costs. Its point-and-click console simplifies appliance administration and monitoring.

Key features include:

* Powerful analytics server: Sybase IQ requires no special tuning or indexing to deliver query results that are 10- to 100 times faster than traditional row-oriented relational databases.

* Fast data-loading for timelier analysis: ETL is fully integrated into the system, enabling new data to be rapidly loaded into Sybase analytic appliance and ensuring that analyses and queries employ fresh, current data.

* Data modelling tool: The appliance offers fast time-to-value by reading the source data warehouse schemas and automatically generating the target appliance schema. Optional data models for the financial, healthcare, banking, insurance and telecommunications industries are also available.

* Server and storage technology: Based on IBM POWER Systems technology and POWER6, customers can benefit from off-the-shelf components to add capacity easily. The appliance also offers a high-availability architecture with redundant hot-swap components and Level 5 RAID for resilient data protection.

* Business intelligence software: A 10-user licence of MicroStrategy 8 for reporting, analysis and monitoring is included, allowing users with even basic skills to create a broad range of reports simply.

* Unified appliance console: The integrated console includes DBA and system management tools and provides easy-to-use GUIs for permissions, monitoring, diagnostics, trouble-shooting and other administrative functions. For companies that require zero-administration, remote management services are also available.

* Fast backup and restore: Sybase Analytic Appliance provides high-speed backup and restore for system reliability.

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