Automatic plastics welders

TECHSPAN automatic plastic welders are designed for precise, efficient welding of thermoplastics, including tarpaulins, covers, banners, liners, structural fabrics, and water-proofing membranes.

The Techspan Tarpon and Planon automatic overlap welders feature inter-changeable ‘overlap kits’, enabling the weld seam width to be changed without having to purchase different machines for different widths. 

The ‘overlap kits’ consist of four parts, and can be easily changed by the operator, with an allen-key, in less than five minutes, the company claims.

A ‘hem kit’ also enables the welding of hems, which can be adjusted for hem widths of 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40mm. Welding speed, welding temperature, and airflow volume are infinitely adjustable.