Automated testing of densely packed surface-mount components

Huntron has released the Access DH (dual head) Automatic Probing Station which reportedly opens the measurement spectrum to fixtureless diagnostic robotic probing.

The addition of a second point provides accurate automation of a two point measurement is said to reduce the manual dexterity limits when an event needs to be captured.

The Huntron Access Probers have been designed to accurately access test points on printed circuit assemblies (PCAs).

Its 20 micron accuracy achieved by micro-stepping and linear encoding allows probing of the smallest surface mounted components.

The high resolution colour camera ensures correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.

Each probing test head is equipped with USB, Ethernet, and Firewire interface connection. Included are a number of supply voltages (3.3V to 12V) wired in for powering test cards that may be mounted to the heads. 5V and 24V drive lines can be used for switching relays or control of external needs.

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