Aluminium cutters

Dormer has expanded its family of solid carbide cutters for aluminium with the launch of five new cutters specifically designed to excel in precision milling applications with state-of-the-art CNC machines.

Building on the popularity of the S140 and S142 slot drills launched in October 2007, the new tools increase the range of applications covered by cutters capable of High Speed Machining in aluminium and its alloys, as well as thermo-plastics and acrylic glass.

The S143, S144, S145 and S540 are designed with a neck and an extra long effective length to prevent the shank from coming into contact with the material. A high axial depth of cut can therefore be achieved with a short cutting length, with the added benefit of high tool rigidity. The S144 (corner radius) and S540 (ball nosed) end mills are particularly suited to machining complex surfaces.

The S149 features a reduction along the full length of the shank in order to maximise performance in deep pocket milling and profiling operations. This allows the user to adjust the length of the tool projecting from the tool holder, minimising the risk of chipping.

All tools have an extremely highly polished surface that reduces friction between the surface of the tool and the workpiece, making for fast, efficient swarf evacuation and reduced machine downtime.

This feature, combined with narrow cylindrical land and flute design optimised for chip space, minimises tool vibration which, in turn, ensures an excellent surface quality on the component.

The product launch is supported by a comprehensive brochure that includes full range details, dimensional data and optimum operating conditions.

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