Advanced 3D CNC simulation

CNC controls vendor NUM has introduced a 3D simulation package that combines workpiece simulation with collision monitoring and other features.

The CAE software allows machine builders to offer new generations of optimistion tools with their machines. Designated True 3D, the software tool is a general-purpose version of NUM’s 3D simulator for multi-axis grinding.

True 3D is said to be one of the first commercial CNC software simulation tools to combine both workpiece simulation and collision monitoring facilities.

It allows machinery users to virtually prototype and optimise the entire machine production process, to yield significant gains including improved machine productivity, reduced tool wear, and faster project completion.

The simulator visualises the tools, the machine’s kinematic properties and the workpiece blank as 3D volumes. Material volume is removed from the workpiece as the tool moves along the machining track according to the CNC program, while the same volume is continuously subtracted from the workpiece blank.

The 3D simulation calculates the entire process chain of a machine tool, from the ISO standard CNC program and its CNC processing, to the machining process.

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