3D printer creates prototypes using two materials

THE Objet260 Connex 3D printer is a compact multi-material printer capable of jetting two materials at the same time to produce advanced composite materials, and up to 14 individual materials in a single print run.  

The printer is suitable for 3D printing applications including replicas of assembled goods, along with consumer products.  

The system is designed for engineers who require a product prototype with a tactile feel, such as a mobile phone. In this instance, the printer develops the prototype in a single print job using a hard material for the shell and a flexible material for the keypad.  

There are more than sixty materials to print with, among them the newly-released ABS-like and clear transparent materials. 

The layers created by the Objet260 Connex are 16-micron. Its tray size is 260x260x200mm and it uses sealed material cartridges that are easy to insert and remove. 

Models are cured during the build process and can be handled immediately after printing.