2-stage VSD compressor

INGERSOLL-Rand has released a 2-stage variable speed drive (VSD) rotary screw compressor to deliver greater efficiency and reduce associated running costs when compared with a single stage compressor.

To achieve peak efficiency and reduce operating costs, the Nirvana 2-stage VSD uses two compression stages.

In the first stage the rotor uses a profile for high displacement and a discharge at relatively low pressure. The second stage profile achieves compression to final package pressure.

The two stages require the use of less energy to compress a given volume of air when compared to a single stage compressor.

Combined with the Nirvana’s hybrid permanent magnet (HPM) synchronous motor technology, this allows the Nirvana to run at 95% operating efficiency throughout its entire speed range.

The motor is controlled by variable speed inverters which match compressor output to demand at all times. It is designed to produce the most air using the least amounts of energy – and continues to do this down to loads as low as 20%.

According to CAPS sales manager David Green, the Nirvana 2-stage VSD significantly reduces energy costs and consumption when compared to a single stage compressor.

“VSD technology already delivers efficiency gains. When you combine this technology with the concept of a 2-stage operation the savings and operating efficiency are increased even further,” he said.

The Nirvana also features an inherent leak-free design. The cast iron separator tank joins the airend using an integral, single-point connection. The need for an external discharge pipe and checking valve has been eliminated, making the Nirvana virtually leak free.

Easy to maintain, the Nirvana’s HPM motor houses fewer parts than conventional motors so that any necessary repairs are low on cost, and can be completed within hours, not days.

In addition, as the HPM directly drives the compressor on magnetic field principles, there are no gears, bearings, shaft seals, seal housing, gear cases or alignment issues to maintain.

With the release of the Nirvana 2-stage VSD rotary screw compressor, plant operators now have greater choice and more control over the efficiency and operating costs of their plant.


The Nirvana 2-stage VSD compressor uses two compression stages.

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