11mm metal shaft potentiometer

ALPS Electric offers a new family of 11mm metal shaft potentiometers with the RK119 series. The surface-mountable devices are available in a wide selection with or without center-push switch.

The RK119 series features a good haptic and high total mechanical rotation angle.

The components have dimensions of 14.2mm x 11.7mm x 5.0mm (W x D x H) and are designed to be easily mounted even on high-density printed circuit boards.

The metal shaft has a length of 20mm and a shaft diameter of 4.5mm. The vertical type potentiometers enable direct installation on PCBs and are suitable for reflow soldering.

They are rated for voltages of 50Vac/10Vdc and have a power consumption of 0.05W. The shaft stopper strength amounts to 0.5Nm/min. and the push-pull-strength to 100N.

The optional switch is designed as single-pole single-throw push-on switch and is rated for switching currents of up to 0.1mA at 5V dc. It requires an operating force of 5±2N. The push-on switch travel measures 0.5mm or 1.5mm respectively, depending on the model.

The operating life of the RK119 series is specified with 15,000 rotational cycles and 100,000 switching cycles.

Additional features include a total resistance of 10kΩ with ±20 percent tolerance, an initial contact resistance of 50mΩ, an insulation resistance of up to 100MΩ and a voltage proof of 300V ac per minute and an operating temperature range between -40°C and +85°C.

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