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Prefab building company bringing manufacturing back to Australia


Brisbane-based prefabricated building company, Arkistruct, has announced it will be taking its business out of China and bringing it back to Australia.

Arkistruct had previously been manufacturing its prefabricated panels in a factory in Shenyang, China, and shipping them over to Australia.

According to managing director Daniel McGrath, having a Brisbane-based company that manufactured in China proved to be problematic.

“We did not have the amount of control we wanted,” he told the International Business Times.

“There also were problems with timing because it could take six weeks to ship the product from China. As a Queensland business person, manufacturing in China did not sit well. I’d rather look the production manager in the eye rather than talking on the phone.”

Arkistruct also cited growing demand for prefabricated homes in Australia as a reason to manufacture locally.

The company plans to open a manufacturing facility in Brisbane. It will soon have five shipping containers-worth of equipment shipped over from its former Shenyang factory.

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