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Powering skills to power the nation

The Tasmanian state government will use their $16.1 million Energising Tasmania Training Fund to ensure a ready workforce to build and maintain pumped hydro to support and realise the state’s renewable energy opportunities.

In the statement, it is understood that over the next four years, the Energising Tasmania Training Fund aims to deliver up to 2,500 fully subsidised training places in areas of identified skills need and will provide up to $1,000 per learner to assist with non-tuition costs such as training materials.

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training for the state mentioned that the state recognises that developing a reliable workforce with skills in energy related disciplines is “vital to reaching our goal of becoming the nation’s powerhouse for clean, reliable and affordable energy”.

The statement also mentioned that training is expected to be provided in areas such as leadership and project management, engineering, civil construction, electrical generation and power systems.

Delivered through Skills Tasmania, the program is funded through the Australian Government’s Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow initiative, with over $1.4 million available in the first round of grants.

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