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Potential for Townsville battery manufacturing plant


The Boston Energy and Innovation (BEI) Consortium has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Townsville City Council to investigate the financial viability of building a 15GWh battery manufacturing plant in Townsville.

Once in full production, the 15GWh manufacturing facility will produce either 250,000 car batteries per annum (up to 400km range), one million home battery units, or support 300 microgrids to power small towns.

The project will also benefit the community of Townsville through up to 1000 direct jobs in the manufacturing facility and an additional 1000 new jobs in the direct support businesses,  as well as up to 5000 new jobs in downstream original equipment manufacturing.

According to Townsville mayor Jenny Hill, if the project goes ahead it will be “the biggest single stimulus for jobs and economic development in Townsville in decades”.

“This is a strategic step for Australia to be a world leader on the battery frontier and to ensure energy security of our nation,” said BEI chairman Bill Moss AO.

Magnis Resources has committed to providing anode materials and technologies using its high-quality graphite. Eastman Kodak and C4V will provide the cathode material and manufacturing expertise, and C&D assembly will provide the lithium-ion battery management systems.

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