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HI-TECH Metrology, the Australasian distributor for Faro Technologies’ range of portable metrology products, has introduced Faro’s new range of portable measuring systems — the Quantum FaroArm.

The Quantum FaroArm — offers accuracy comparable to fixed CMMs.

To achieve the highest levels of accuracy, manufacturers previously relied on measuring parts in a controlled environment, using large and expensive measuring equipment.

The Quantum FaroArm can inspect, and perform, CAD-to-part analysis in any environment – with a 2.4 metre volumetric accuracy of up to ±18 microns —- one-fifth the width of a human hair.

Faro president and CEO Jay Freeland said there was no comparable alternative product to the Quantum FaroArm for the shop floor.

“Its industry-leading features make it the ideal tool for companies that are constrained by the limitations of fixed coordinate measuring machines and less accurate portable systems,” he said.

Available in a 2.4 metre working volume and either six or seven-axis models, the Quantum FaroArm offers accuracy comparable to fixed CMMs, has software that is fully programmable for repetitive measurement, has a smaller footprint on the shop floor, and performs first-article inspections more efficiently.

Like its predecessor, the Platinum FaroArm, users simply guide the Arm’s touch-probe along the surface of the object to be measured. The Quantum’s laptop computer simultaneously illustrates the 3-D measurements on-screen and records all the data.

It creates a 3-D “blueprint” of a part or machine components, making it an all-in-one portable tool for performing inspections, tool certification, CAD-to-Part analysis, or reverse engineering.

Features include:

• 30% more accurate: The first 8-foot portable measurement arm certified to ±0.0007″ (0.018mm) accuracy.

• Bluetooth cable-free operation: Inspect and digitise up to 30 feet (10m) away – even through walls.

• Exclusive FARO i-Probe: Individually serialised with automatic size recognition and built-in, probe-temperature sensor.

• Auto-sleep mode: Automatically turns off unit to save energy, extend component life.

• Universal quick mount: Adds mounting flexibility while reducing setup time.

• Ergonomic handle: Improves ease-of-use, comfort and measurement effectiveness.

“The Quantum FaroArm has a combination of features not found on any other device,” Mr Freeland said. “It defies the limits of portable metrology, makes measurements easier and more precise, and gives customers a high confidence level in their ability to bring top-quality parts and products to market more quickly.”

Hi-Tech Metrology will be showing the new Quantum FaroArm at a FARO “Open House” being held at its Hallam facility on November 29 from 2:30pm to 9:00pm.

To register for this event either call 03 9702 3911 or send an email to

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