Allplastics clear polycarbonate machine guards

Employee safety is paramount in the workplace. Many industrial accidents can be prevented by providing machinery with proper guarding.

Allplastics Engineering can provide, cut, fabricate and CNC rout a range of clear polycarbonate brands including Lexan, Makrolon, Palram, Safeguard and for a variety of industries such as food and beverage, material handling, mining, packaging and pharmaceuticals where operators need to see through the guards but should not risk their fingers and hands.

It also helps on assembly lines where WHS regulations require processes or machinery to be guarded for the safety of workers.

The SafeWork NSW states that guarding must be securely mounted. If access is required to parts of the plant during operation, maintenance or cleaning, the guarding should be an interlocked physical barrier that allows access when there is no risk –and prevents access at all other times.

Polycarbonate is 250 times the strength of normal glass and half the weight of if it. Available from 1 mm to 12.7 mm thick, polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. This makes it the preferred choice of engineers when designing guards for machinery.

In applications where the guards are constantly being cleaned and are subjected to constant wear Allplastics provides mar resistant grade polycarbonate which has a special coating on both sides of the clear polycarbonate to minimise guards and barriers being easily damaged or marked.

Brands such as Lexan MR10 and Makrolon AR2 are available in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 12.7mm. Allplastics can provide CNC routered shapes to match drawings or broken guards.

The company’s experienced fabrication personnel can bend or construct chutes, guards, boxes or covers for a diverse range of applications.

For situations such as curved lathe guards or surrounds Allplastics can supply thin gauge polycarbonate which can be cold bent and secured by a frame.

In addition to clear polycarbonate guards Allplastics can also fabricate opal polycarbonate where visibility is more important than clarity or yellow high-density polyethylene for even higher visibility.