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Policy uncertainty as carbon tax repeal heads to Senate today

has expressed frustration concerning uncertainty around climate policy as the
Senate prepares to pass laws repealing the carbon tax today.

The ABC reports that the government is hopeful the Senate approves the laws, and
could do so before 2 pm.

amended legislation would then head to the House of Representatives to be
signed off on.

is not certain what will replace the carbon tax, as there is not yet enough
support to pass the government’s Direct Action policy, worth $2.5 billion over
four years.

“We’ve gone through
seven years of this now and, still, there’s no policy certainty,’’ Innes
Willox, the Australian Industry Group’s chief executive, told The Australian Financial Review.

Ai Group supports an emissions trading scheme.

Mark Butler asked, “The
question before the Parliament and the Australian community is what replaces

The federal education minister Chris Pyne told Sky News, “We have a lot of work to do, we believe in
our budget and our measures, and we will work methodically through those”

Yesterday the federal government lost a vote on its bill on tax cuts introduced by the previous government to compensate households affected by the carbon tax.

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