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BusinessHub aims to empower manufacturers with tailored enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, focusing on modernisation, scalability, and deep industry expertise. Learn about their commitment to continuous learning, their recent accolades, and future advancements. Manufacturers’ Monthly reports.

BusinessHub is recognised as a MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner, specialising in the MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition.

Their focus lies in serving mid-market manufacturers, particularly those engaged in make-to-order, make-to-stock, assembly, and value add, and batch manufacturers.

They place emphasis on providing enhanced visibility around inventory planning and management, including quality, scheduling, and procurement.

Key features of their MYOB Advanced solution include robust quality management, comprehensive scheduling capabilities, and an in-depth product configurator tailored for environments requiring configurable products.

Their overarching goal is to drive operational efficiency and streamline workflows for their clients in the manufacturing sector.

BusinessHub specialises in make to stock, assembly and batch manufacturing including speciality food and ingredient producers and beverage makers.

They support wholesale distribution businesses involved in assembly or value-added processes, where they combine multiple products or enhance smaller products.

“So, assembling those together into multiple products variants and bringing smaller products into a bigger overall solution for their customers,” said David Taylor, Managing Director at BusinessHub.

Additionally, they extend their services to equipment manufacturers for transportation and logistics.

Helping clients overcome obstacles

David Taylor founded BusinessHub in 2003, specialising in implementing and supporting MYOB Exo Employer Services, MYOB’s payroll and HRIS software / Image: BusinessHub

Typically, a client will approach BusinessHub seeking to modernise their existing solutions.

They often express a desire to transition from legacy or older on-premises systems to cloud-based platforms facilitating connectivity and access to insightful data.

Some clients may find their current solutions inadequate, particularly if they are using multiple disjointed applications.

“Clients often want to move to cloud because they’re currently using on premise and older solutions in market,” said Taylor.

“They may have solutions that are, frankly, too small and just aren’t meeting their needs.”

These challenges may also include difficulties in integrating data across different systems, resulting in a loss of visibility into crucial metrics such as margins and input costs.

Clients may also face complexities in managing external processes and maintaining quality control standards.


Additionally, they seek improved inventory visibility to enhance planning and procurement processes.

Finally, BusinessHub specialises in assisting clients operating in multi-company environments, streamlining processes across multiple entities.

“We’re strong in automating processes across multiple entities and then consolidating that data in a single view,” said Taylor.

In explaining the advantages of data accessible through as a single view, Taylor explained, “It enables multiple company structures to be viewed as a single entity or a single group.”

“Intercompany transactions hyper inflates sales and purchases, so really eliminating and then consolidating data into a single view.”

They have the capability to seamlessly facilitate intercompany transactions, even when the stock exists in a different entity.

“We can automate that workflow end to end, which just drives a lot of efficiency in their administration while still meeting their compliance requirements,” said Taylor.

“Clients often want to move to cloud because they’re currently using on premise and older solutions in market.”

Taylor emphasised the importance of understanding clients’ objectives and pain points.

Moreover, he underscored the necessity of comprehending clients’ current workflows and investing time to align with their needs, which can vary based on factors like location complexity and product scope.

“We spend time with the client to go through that to ensure we can best enable their processes,” said Taylor.

BusinessHub focuses on enabling the application to meet clients’ specific requirements and desired outcomes.

This phase includes training and testing to ensure seamless integration with clients’ operations.

“We have basic training delivered through our E-learning platform and that’s a platform that we developed ourselves for the MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Solution, then we’re into bespoke user training, which is based on our clients’ specific workflows and processes,” Taylor said.

“That training is delivered generally done physically in-person with our customer, supported by workflow documents and workflow procedures, that both are adapted from within the core application as well as with the client.”

Ultimately, the goal is to empower clients, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to effectively utilise the application.

Taylor explained the significance of knowledge transfer and ongoing support to facilitate tasks such as financial reporting, procurement, and shop floor management, ensuring clients achieve their desired outcomes.

ERP success stories

Taylor has observed several key markers of success that have been achieved by clients using their ERP solutions.

“What our clients are seeing is a more optimised handling of their stock, which results in improved management of working capital,” he said.

“They just don’t have the wrong stock sitting in their warehouse, that’s obviously a big one.”

“Our ERP solutions enable our clients to unlock capacity, so they can do more within with what they’re working with.”

Taylor explained that BusinessHub is concerned primarily with the growth of their clients.

“We track our client success through growth, not the commensurate growth in human resource underneath it, but being able to optimise those workflows a lot better,” he said.

Customisable and scalable solutions

Taylor said that BusinessHub solutions are entirely and scalable to meet their clients’ diverse needs.

“What we’re trying to do with our customers, where possible, is to help them use best practice workflows within the application, where that’s possible and appropriate as opposed to approaching the deployment of a solution and trying to customise it upfront,” he said.

“Our clients typically want a scalable solution that continues to upgrade over time, and trying to stay away from bespoke customization is a goal for ourselves and should be a goal of our clients.”

Taylor explained that the configuration of the application itself is standardised and intuitive.

“In terms of getting into the details to configure workflows and bespoke elements in those workflows is quite straightforward within the application using various user defined fields or tweaks to processes, which we don’t deem as customisation,” he said.

Developing ERP

To stay up to date with developments in ERP, BusinessHub spends a lot of time at conferences amongst industry experts.

“We spend a lot of time at industry events, and we really get into the detail with the vendor around the underlying framework and capability of the solution,” said Taylor.

“In addition to that, we’ve also then returned from MYOB Partner Connect,  conference at the start of February.”

“At the conference, we maintained our Platinum Partner Status and took home Manufacturing Partner of the Year and Customer Service Partner of the Year.”

Taylor explained that the primary focus for BusinessHub when participating in conferences is to remain updated with advances in digital transformation.

“Where we’re at those conferences, the big focus now is unlocking knowledge and understanding in addition to finding solutions to further improve client outcomes in the verticals we service,” he said.

“In addition, there is a lot being discussed about secure and useful tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning capability both within the product and connected into the core workflows.”

Looking to the future

To evolve their services for the future, BusinessHub is currently looking to grab bespoke solutions and fill gaps within the core product.

“That might be around enhancing tooling around container management, or more enhanced inventory management. We’re also dealing with tools around b2b e-commerce integrations,” said Taylor.

Enhancing tooling for information exchange and product customisation demands can pose challenges for the company.

However, BusinessHub is actively working on tools to navigate these challenges and seamlessly integrate them into ERP solutions.

The company is also aiming to enhance process manufacturing capability.

“We anticipate these enhancements to be implemented in the second half of this year, enabling us to better serve process manufacturers,” said Taylor.

“Specifically, within dairy, health, beauty, food, and pharmaceutical sectors.”

To learn more about BusinessHub and their ERP solutions, please reach out at 1300 733 071.

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