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Pilot program drives digital skills for manufacturing in NSW

Pilot program

Investment NSW and the Department of Education – Training Services NSW has launched the 12-week Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program, which is designed to improve digital skills in the advanced manufacturing sector. 

The Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program will be delivered by the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC), Skills Lab, UTS and HR Culture through a series of courses and workshops on emerging technologies. 

The new program will support workers and manufacturing businesses to navigate the evolving environment created by the adoption of Industry 4.0. IMCRC’s Industrial Transformation director, Simon Dawson, commended the NSW government on the launch. 

“The digitalisation of manufacturing is rapidly transforming industry, creating opportunities for workers and businesses alike,” Dawson said. “By upskilling industry’s current workforce, we are enabling businesses to take advantage of these opportunities and develop unrivalled value propositions, improve technical capability and accelerate growth and productivity.” 

The Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program will have two streams – one aimed at helping existing workers build on their current digital skillset; and another aimed at upskilling mid-career workers and workers with limited digital skills. 

“IMCRC is pleased to be supporting the pilot program through futuremap – a uniquely Australian business diagnostic designed by IMCRC to encourage and assist manufacturers to take action and start their digital transformation journey,” Dawson said. 

“We will be hosting interactive workshops with the leadership teams of participating companies to assess their current Industry 4.0 capabilities, as well as their ambitions for the future, helping them set their individual goals for the program.” 

Businesses will begin the pilot program in February 2022, with feedback set to inform the design of a future digital skills training program for new, displaced, and mid-career workers. 

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