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Pill press metal detector

MESUTRONIC, represented in Australia by Perfect Packaging, has introduced the Pharmatron 05A Touch, a metal separator for the pharmaceutical industry.

Detects and rejects even the smallest particles of metal contaminants.

The Pharmatron Touch fulfils the requirements for capability and documentation in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmatron detects and rejects even the smallest particles of metal contaminants such as fragments of metal screen or stamp machines in tablets or capsules.

The Mesutronic metal separator is suited for high processing speeds and quick product change. Parts which are in contact with the product can be cleaned in three easy steps without tools.

The integrated LCD graphics display with touchscreen operating surface offers high user comfort, enabling a more than 50 percent time-saving on user training, and the versatility of the machine increases thanks to easier, clearer and quicker use.

The Pharmatron can be combined with nearly all high productivity pill presses and dedusting systems on the market.

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