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Pick up the November edition of Manufacturers’ Monthly

The November edition of Manufacturers’ Monthly is available to read online now.

It has been a pleasure putting together the stories for the November edition, one that was a joy to write was Elexon Electronics article.

The resilience the company has shown in the face of great adversity is incredibly commendable and we were so impressed by how quickly it has got its production line back up and running.

I was incredibly touched to hear the fantastic support provided by the wider manufacturing industry: competitors and suppliers alike have all come together to throw their support behind the company to help them get back online.

It is arguable very few industries would show that type of support to competitors and it makes us incredibly proud to be a part of the manufacturing sector.

This month we will also look at Hysata in our Manufacturer Focus, a company that has opened a new facility to improve its manufacturing capabilities for its hydrogen electrolysers.

Also, be sure to check out our interview with Don Holley from RSM to learn about the company’s new management consultancy capabilities.

Happy reading!

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