Pedders spring into 3D metrology

Hi-Tech Metrology, representative for leading metrology and scanning technology brands, delivers turnkey metrology projects and systems to clients.

Pedders, one of Australia’s leading automotive parts manufacturing companies, has recently invested in 3D scanning technology to improve manufacturing efficiencies.

The organisation, which began back in the 50s making shock absorbers, now has over 120 locations Australia wide employing over 500 people.

With local support a high priority for Pedders, the decision was made to purchase a Romer SI scanning arm from Hi-Tech Metrology which has its own in house repair and calibration facility.

Pedders prides itself on manufacturing its quality range of products to exacting tolerances and with the use of the new scanning arm they are able to identify critical design features and ensure their total conformance across the design and manufacturing processes.

With the implementation of the scanning arm, significant time and cost savings are being realised through streamlined R&D and manufacturing processes.

The PolyWorks software and training, also provided by Hi-Tech Metrology, has helped Pedders to realise many additional ongoing benefits such as quick and efficient analysis of tooling, compliance with GD&T principals and traceability of measurements.

Hi-Tech Metrology also offers a contract service bureau which encompasses a large variety of projects for clients in Australia and NZ.

The applications are far ranging and include wear analysis, alignments and reverse engineering.

Prevention is always better than the cure. For key wear components the company’s technicians will appear on site and, with minimum interruption to the manufacturing process, perform scans of high-risk surfaces to analyse wear rates.

At a frequency determined by the customer (monthly, quarterly, yearly), every time a scan is performed, a detailed comparison to an original scan highlights any potential for future failure before it happens.

No CAD intervention is required and any analysis can be readily performed by the customer remotely with software tools provided.

And with the correct alignment of mating parts of critical importance to life expectancy of components, the company can assist with large-scale alignments, from machine installations to pipe and shaft alignments.

The advantage of Hi-Tech’s involvement on site is that alignments can be measured down to microns and, most importantly, measured ‘live’ while adjustments are being made.

Parts intended to be ultimately aligned together after being manufactured at different locations also fall into this category, with technicians often travelling to multiple sites to check for any potential issues between the mating pieces prior to embarking on the expensive exercise of site installation.

And for older parts that need to be manufactured in a timely manner, but with no CAD history, the company offers a reverse engineering service.

Hi-Tech Metrology can create a digital copy of the part to ensure the CAD design process runs seamlessly and quickly. In some cases, parts that would take up to four weeks to CAD model have been created within two days.

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