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Panasonic’s new Bluetooth module available at Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics now stocks the latest PAN1762 Series RF module from Panasonic.

The ultra-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 module enables large amounts of data in connectionless environments, providing a compact solution for the Internet of Things, beacon, and mesh network applications.

The Panasonic module is based on the Toshiba TC35680 single-chip controller, featuring an Arm Cortex M0 processor core with Serial Wire Debug interface and 128 Kilobytes of flash memory.

The module integrates standard Bluetooth low energy profiles in addition to serial port profile offering three types of operation including host mode, command mode (coming soon), and a stand-alone mode that eliminates the need for an external processor.

The PAN1762 module is supported by the PAN1762 Evaluation Kit. The all-inclusive kit features two USB dongles for developing, running, and debugging code, while breakout headers allow developers to connect sensors for devices for prototyping.

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