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Panasonic set to commercialise hydrogen fuel cells in Australia

Panasonic will commence commercial sales of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in the Australian market from October 2024.

The decision is in response to the growth in the country’s green hydrogen industry.

Panasonic will bolster its commercial capabilities by launching the PH3, the latest version of its H2 KIBOU pure hydrogen fuel cell generator that generates DC power. 

Managing Director of Panasonic Australia, Paul Reid, said the PH3 launch was a critical step in the company’s efforts to expand its portfolio of sustainability solutions for the Australian market.

“Panasonic has been conducting successful field trials of its Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology in Australia since 2022, but this new solution will offer a highly flexible and scalable platform suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications across Australia,” said Reid.

With a maximum capacity of 10kW, the new PH3 model is double the capacity of its predecessor PH1 model (5kW).

The new technology reflects the company’s ongoing research and development in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Australia has been selected as a focus region alongside Europe and China (outside of Japan) for the launch of the new PH3 model.

The strategy highlights Panasonic’s intent to strengthen its footprint in the domestic renewable energy industry and scale up its hydrogen business around the world.

Ahead of its launch in October, Panasonic has been engaging with stakeholders from across the Australian renewable hydrogen value chain. 

In 2022, Panasonic and ATCO Gas rolled out the first Australian field test of Panasonic’s 5kw fuel cell at the ATCO Clean Energy Innovation Hub (CEIH) in Jandakot, Western Australia.

Panasonic is also partnering with locally owned energy solutions business, Optimal Group to develop applications for its stationary Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology in the Australian market. 

CEO of Optimal Group, Craig Dugan, said that the partnership reflected the company’s mantra of providing Australian companies with solutions to meet their energy needs.

“We believe the Panasonic PH3 provides superior performance and lifecycle compared to other fuel cells in the market. Together with Panasonic, we’re excited about the possibilities that their new PH3 model will provide in the journey towards net zero and green energy reliability,” Mr Dugan said.

The company is currently trialling a 5kW unit for commercial applications in preparation for the new PH3 model.

This system has the potential to generate a maximum of 10kW of DC power and approximately 8.2kW of heat through the chemical reaction between high-purity hydrogen and oxygen in the air.

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