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Outstanding start-up of the year

Hypersonix Launch Systems has taken out the Start-Up of the year award at the 2023 Endeavour Awards for its HTCMC SPARTAN Manuf. Pilot.

Hypersonix has taken delivery of a technology demonstrator version of its hydrogen powered scramjet manufactured in High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (HTCMCs).

HT CMCs are capable of resisting repeated cycles of extreme heating and cooling, which makes them a material of choice for Hypersonix’ planned re-useable hypersonic vehicles.

The multi-award-winning SPARTAN scramjet engine is now available in Inconel 718, 3D-printed in Australia in cooperation with Amiga Engineering, capable of speeds of up to Mach 7.

This technology demonstrator project has can offer a version which can operate at speeds of up to Mach 12, sustaining the rigours of repeated flights.

When traveling at Mach 5 or higher speeds, the high heat generated by friction can compromise the structural integrity of various critical parts of hypersonic vehicles. High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (HTCMCs) are next generation composites. Developed for application in harsh conditions of heat and mechanical pressures.

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