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Orthocell wins new global patents for tissue repair technology

Regenerative medicine company, Orthocell, has been granted Mexican and Hong Kong divisional patents for CelGro – a customisable collagen medical device that facilitates tissue repair and healing.

Orthocell’s CelGro scaffold is a unique collagen scaffold that is bio-compatible, bio-absorbable and mechanically strong, allowing for multiple uses either on its own or in combination with autologous cells or growth factors.

“Orthocell has secured 11 patent families covering its portfolio of regenerative medicine products, comprising seperate patents/applications, of which 72 are granted,” Orthocell managing director, Paul Anderson said.

The new patents cover the method of manufacture of CelGro bio-scaffolds and as an aid in the surgical repair of soft tissue injuries. CelGro patents have been previously granted in the US, Europe, China, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

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Clinical studies have shown that CelGro can improve tissue in-growth and repair in guide bone regeneration within the jaw and rotator cuff tendon repair. CelGro is also being assessed for performance in rejoining of severed or damaged nerves and articular cartilage repair in the hip.

CelGro is manufactured by Orthocell at its quality controlled Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) licensed facility in Australia using its proprietary SMRT tissue engineering process.  The SMRT process produces a highly purified, biocompatible and versatile scaffold that can be used for tissue repair and regeneration in diverse surgical applications.

The Perth-based company estimates the global addressable market for CelGro to be in excess of US$2.6 billion ($3.6 billion) and growing, according to the company’s ASX announcement on Friday.

“A strong global patent position combined with the overwhelmingly positive user feedback regarding the use of CelGro for bone and soft tissue repair in Europe and Australia underpins our confidence in gaining significant market traction and building upon the key commercialisation milestones already achieved,”  Anderson said.

CelGrow is approved for marketing and distribution in Europe. Orthocell has announced it is aiming to grow its product adoption in the growing European market.


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