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Orange Energy Week to provide tailored solutions for manufacturers

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) will be running a series of sessions on energy management from November 18-22 in the Central West town of Orange.

Named Orange Energy Week, the sessions are free and targeted at manufacturers, as well as those in the agricultural, horticulture, viticulture, hospitality, and health.

According to Jon Shaw, senior team leader at DPIE, the sessions, led by a consultant energy expert, will enable manufacturers to save money, time, and energy. Sessions will give manufacturers information on the supply and cost of energy, the use of energy by machinery, assessing energy usage, and easy ways to improve energy efficiency that are not costly.

“They’ll be providing one-on-one consultations, training sessions, as well as site visits to specific businesses in their region. The training can be anything from ‘energy 101’ to batteries, cooling and pumps and everything in between,” Shaw told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

In contrast to previous, similar sessions, the length of the program allows for individualised, tailored sessions for each business involved. This change was based on the feedback form previous session attendees, as the Department hopes to begin ongoing connections with businesses in Orange and the surrounding region.

“By being there for the week, we’re fitting in around a business’s schedule. Attendees can come in in the morning, afternoon, evening, whatever it might be, and we’ll talk to them face to face,” said Shaw.

In addition, by bringing the energy experts to regional centres such as Orange, the barrier to accessing advice for manufacturers located outside of the major metropolitan areas are being broken down. This advice can be provided at any stage of a business’s energy journey.

Supported by the Orange City Council, Cabonne Shire Council and NSW Business Chamber, registrations are open at:

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