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OPTIMUM Power and MotoTron form alliance

OPTIMUM Power Technology and MotoTron Corporation have entered into a strategic alliance to develop and globally market high performance, low emissions Engine Management Systems for the recreational vehicle and V-Twin motorcycle markets.

The brain of their V-Twin systems will be a new Optimum designed 32-bit Engine Control Unit (ECU) with MotoTron’s ControlCore operation system inside.

The development team will implement Optimum’s patented real-time control strategies using MotoTron’s MotoHawk(R) Model-based Embedded Development tool chain.

The MotoHawk system is the integration of the Mathworks Simulink(R) / Stateflow(R) development tools with the ControlCore operating system on rugged electronic hardware designed for the customer application.

The newest MotoHawk target is the Optimum 32-bit engine controller using the latest Freescale MPC5534 microprocessor.

MotoHawk will enable Optimum to quickly develop and configure unique control strategies for its customers. MotoHawk also provides for a Fuse graphical calibration and tuning interface that can be customized for each customer.

“After reviewing various hardware and system integrator options, Optimum was clearly the best option to bring a product to the V-Twin and Recreational market.” said Rich Swortzel, VP of Business Development for MotoTron.

VP of Sales and Marketing for Optimum, Roy Houston added, “All of our new products will build on the reliability and capabilities of MotoTron’s ControlCore operating system which is deployed in over a million recreational, marine, automotive, and truck vehicles worldwide.”

“Both MotoTron and OPTIMUM have a passion for recreational vehicles and motorcycles and are committed to making their Engine Management Systems become the new benchmark for the rest of the world.”

The new Engine Management Systems will offer many options including open or closed loop control, narrow or wide band oxygen sensors, IACV control, and CAN support.

Optimum’s patented real-time control software including ‘Feed Forward’ will deliver superior throttle response and reduced exhaust emissions under all operating conditions.

The first prototypes will be ready in the second quarter of 2008 with production units available as early as the third quarter of 2008.

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Mototron –

Optimum –

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