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Opportunity for Australian manufacturers to be tested in US

Austrade will support Australian manufacturers who wish to sell into the US defence market. Describing the market as “the world’s largest”, Austrade also highlighted that is a highly competitive market that requires an in-depth understanding of a range of regulations and an ability to contend with long time-lines.

For Australian businesses, Austrade will partner with the US Department of Defence to find programs that Australian businesses can slot into, reducing the time and cost of selling to the US.

Austrade identified the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) program as one area where Australian-made components and platforms can be readily purchase. The program finds, tests, and buys the most current technologies developed in US-allied and partner nations.

Once tested, technologies selected through the program can be quickly incorporated into US supply chains. According to Austrade, out of the 49 Australian projects that received funding for evaluation under the program, nine have gone on to be purchased and/or incorporated into US Department of Defense programs, with a total value of $500 million.

Technologies that display capabilities in areas such as space, missile defence, hypersonics, directed energy, quantum technology, bio technology, cyber security, fully networked command control and communications, artificial intelligence, and advanced autonomous systems have the potential to be selected by the FCT program.

While there are a number of requirements that apply to the technologies themselves, the most important, noted Austrade, is that they display innovation, value, or superior performance.

For companies seeking alternative entry-ways into defence contracting, the Integrating Advanced Materials onto Military Platforms, from Defence Science and Technology, is looking for small businesses that can collaborate to use advanced materials and/or designs for military platforms in land, sea, and air contexts.

Innovative technologies that can help quicken the incorporation of advanced materials into platforms through joining technologies are being sought. Funding of up to $1 million is available.

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