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Opportunities for Australian manufacturers to supply Polish Armed Forces

Australian SMEs have an opportunity to be part of the build-up of the Polish defence forces.

The Eastern-European country will spend $71 billion on the technical modernisation of the Polish Armed Forces until 2026.

Austrade has been exploring how Australian manufacturers can be part of this build up, and has held roundtables with suppliers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, and Perth to inform businesses of the potential to export.

Priorities for the Polish defence forces include air and missile defence, armoured and mechanised forces, and navy and cyber defence. Manufacturers who are able to supply technologically-advanced systems will be looked favourably upon by the Polish defence sector.

“Although Poland may not be the first European country Australian exporters think of, its objective to equip its defence and aviation sectors with the latest technologies presents strong export opportunities,” said Bozena Swierbutowicz, business development manager for Austrade in Poland.

To make the most of this opportunity, in addition to the roundtables led by Austrade, the Australian government’s Defence Export Strategy also provides mechanisms for manufacturers to export to overseas customers.

“Such mechanisms range from capitalising on the expertise of our newly appointed Defence Directors located in priority international markets, to participating on one of the many Team Defence Australia (TDA)or Austrade trade shows or missions,” said Jarrad Harvey, Austrade senior defence adviser.

Austrade also identified opportunities for Australian manufacturers of aviation components such as avionics, 3D printing, and unmanned aerial vehicles, as Poland is building a new international hub airport in Warsaw by 2027 and passenger transport is increasing.

To firm up potential relationships, 20 Australian defence companies will travel to Poland to showcase their products, services, and technologies, as part of the TDA delegation to the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland on September 3-6.

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