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Online safety training to change attitude of apprentices

People and Quality Solutions (PaQS) a registered training organisation has launched a new online safety course for Australian apprentices.

Young people are almost one and a half times more likely to be injured at work than the average worker and the statistics show that more than 70 percent of these cases occur within the first year of employment, according to PaQS.

The course has evolved from the original, nationally recognised, competency based course in Advanced Safety Awareness (ASA).

The new apprentice ASA course is different from the original, in that it is available online and has been designed and developed to fit into safety induction programs for trainees and apprentices.

The course is designed to develop young worker’s attitude towards safety as well as their confidence and self esteem through building self awareness.

It also provides them with tips about communication skills that enable them to deal with issues such as conflict and bullying.

This emphasis on empowering the individual is fundamental to all of PaQS safety training.

According to PaQS Senior Psychologist and Founder, Carl Reams, the PaQS ethos is new for personal safety management in Australia, as it targets human error by developing and enhancing individual safety thinking and responsibility.

Most experts agree that more than 90 per cent of workplace incidents, injuries and fatalities have some human error element.

“Traditionally, safety training has focused on visible workplace hazard awareness and training job skills, but what we deal with, Psychological Safety Awareness (PSA) evolves safety to a new level by focussing on the individual’s abilities and motivations – the safety thinking that drives behaviour,” added Reams.

“Excellent work had been done in Australia over recent decades to improve safety systems and procedures and identify management responsibilities, but there hasn’t been much other than skills or systems-based training for the managers and employees.

What PaQS is doing is developing rational judgement, perception and personal motivation to follow safety systems and that’s what makes our style of safety training so different and so relevant for apprentices entering the workforce.”

Apprentices can complete the course at their own pace, usually in less than two hours.

A login and logout feature is available 24/7 providing flexibility and convenience for both the apprentice and their supervisor.

Feedback from participants has been incredibly positive, with many finding the psychological approach to safety more comprehensive and the structure of the online course to be user friendly and efficient. 

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