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Oh what a feeling to reduce carbon emissions

CAR manufacturing giant Toyota has announced it will strengthen its environmental initiatives by lowering its carbon output in key areas of research, development and manufacturing.

A key component of the plan will be to use non-petroleum based sources of energy in order to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality.

The car company will be heavily investing in new technology in an effort to improve its Hybrid fleet and will aim to literally lighten the carbon load of its vehicles by reducing the size and weight of motors, inverters, batteries and by producing ‘purpose built’ vehicles.

Other initiatives contained in Toyota’s ‘Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan’ include full scale production of Lithium-Ion batteries in 2010, fuel cell hybrid (FCHV-adv) vehicles, biomass-to-liquid (BTL) fuels, and bio hydrofined diesel (BHD – as an alternative to petroleum based diesel).

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