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ODC manufacture permit granted for Little Green Pharma

Little Green Pharma (LGP) has announced the grant of a new manufacture permit over its manufacturing facility by the Office of Drug Control (ODC).

The manufacture permit will allow LGP to manufacture cannabis extracts for supply to holders of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) GMP manufacturing licences to produce finished medicinal cannabis products.

LGP managing director Fleta Solomon said she looks forward to updating the market once our expanded ODC Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Production Permit is granted.

“Receiving this Manufacture Permit gives us the internal capability to manufacture cannabis extracts at our manufacturing premises,” she said.

“We are now only waiting for our expanded ODC Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Production Permit which, once granted, will allow us to begin first planting at our expanded cultivation facility.”

The company has an exclusive agreement with its TGA GMP-licenced manufacturing partner to make the products.

The increased production capacity will give LGP the ability to meet both Australian and offshore demand for medicinal cannabis products, Solomon said.

The permit has been granted until 10 March 2021, which aligns it with the terms of LGP’s ODC Medicinal Cannabis and Manufacture licences.

The permit will enable LGP to commence in-house extraction once the next crop is harvested, resulting in reduced manufacturing costs and improved manufacturing efficiencies.

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